June 2017

I paint scenes or images that seem rather innocuous. A bend-over lady crossing the road, a homeless man on a bench or a bearded man posing with a stick.

Ideas for paintings can come from my environment- people, places and events. Mixed with ideas about history, society, politics and the urban and rural world.

All the paintings have a starting point of an image and ideal. From there it will always deviate as the process of painting takes hold and inevitably the images get discarded or put out of sight. If I want to paint a person I use an image and then my imagination.

How the works end up has to do with looking for something otherworldly. Painting allows for this without rules or order, you are free to move around. I am concerned with surface and how things appear. The colouring and tone is about making the image extraordinary and timeless.

The painting, ‘The neighbour’, was an exercise in a sort of life drawing. He didn’t know he was been drawn or painted. I see him many days sitting on his bench alone outside his house. I was a voyeur. He was been subjected. This rather banal image now has unpredictability and inappropriateness, questioning for me the notion of life study.

The painting ‘Migrant’, came about from walking past a small park in Edinburgh on a regular basis. It has a fascinating quality of the rural and urban, bent trees with a 70’s residential building as backdrop and a dirt surface without grass. It seems a lonely and out of place spot, particularly at night, enclosed all around with urban architecture. The protagonist in the painting has a certain pathos and absurdity, perhaps being spied on, someone with nowhere to go, having to perform a basic human need.